To many people, creative writing appears to be nothing more than an extension of academic writing – an activity people despise and gain absolutely no joy from. But for others, creative writing is just as important as the air they breathe.

“What I like about [creative] writing is that there’s no limitations on it,” said Creative Writing Club President, Megan Goin. “There’s not a word count limit and there’s not a set prompt you have to write to every time. There’s just so much freedom with it that it’s a lot different than just writing an essay.”

Although academic essays can expand one’s writing abilities, there is something so freeing about creative writing that encourages people to continue opening their journals or pulling up their word docs. The process of releasing all the random thoughts and emotions in one’s head causes creative writing to become a habit. It’s a form of self-expression that many people could not live without.

“Last year in Advanced Creative Writing, we all decided that the next thing for creative writing would be a club,” said Goin, explaining how upset her class was to find out that there were no classes offered after Advanced. Goin took charge and started imagining plans for a club that would allow them to keep creating together. “I asked Mrs. Kummell if she would be a sponsor for it and she basically did the rest.”

Now, the club meets after school every other Wednesday in Nona Kummell’s room C118. Goin encourages anyone who enjoys writing to attend meetings, whether they write every day or would simply like to have friends who inspire them to write more.

“During meetings, we like to encourage writers, whether they’re in a creative writing class or not, to continue writing. If they’re stuck on something, like if they have writer’s block, we can bounce ideas off of them,” said Goin. “It’s always nice to hear from someone else.”

Goin hopes that Creative Writing Club will expand students’ writing abilities by gathering together a group of fellow creative writers who encourage each other to reach their full potential. The next meeting will be Wednesday, Dec. 5. Every is invited to join the club and get their creativity flowing.