Student Council will be hosting projects throughout the school year to bring aid and awareness to poverty within our community. The Council is participating in an annual event called State Conference in April and is showcasing the support among our falcon family by organizing collection drives, the holiday Angel Tree, Christmas meal baskets and other activities to raise awareness.

The State Conference will be held in Arlington on April 14-16 where all student councils from around Texas will come together and vote on the upcoming year’s officers. When running for a State Officer position, it is the entire school holding the position, not only the Student Council. With pride and enthusiasm, the Student Council of Timber Creek official submits their intent to seek the office of State Parliamentarian. 

This year long project is for the whole campus to contribute to, so the council is always open to new ideas and helpers to provide poverty aid and awareness.

“We need as many people as possible to make this happen and as much of an impact as possible, we are focusing on poverty awareness and aid,” Head of Project, Jessie Eagan said. “Poverty isn’t just being homeless, poverty is having financial issues to such an extent that they have trouble getting food, washing clothes, or having no transportation due to money problems.

Although the conference is not until April, the council works toward the goal in hopes to greatly impact not only the community, but also beyond that, as well.

“People focus so much on the homeless but not many people focus on the people in our community or the students sitting next to you in class,” Eagan said.