Timber Creek is inviting all their past alumni back for a battle for Class of 20.. supremacy with The Alumni Games.

UPDATE: Dec. 13, 2018: The Alumni Games have been postponed until Spring.

On Saturday, December 15, past graduates of Timber Creek High School will be able to play games of skill, valor, and combat (sort of) to earn points for their class. The class with the most participants and total points will be honored as The Alumni Games Victors.

The event runs from 1 to 4 p.m. and is free to all participants.

The battle will include “minute to win it” style skill challenges, a trivia contest, and dodgeball matches between groups of the seven graduating classes of Timber Creek (Class of 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018, if you’re keeping track).

Each participant will earn a point value for completing challenges successful to help their alumni class become the victors.

Additionally, there will be activities for graduates to say hello to former teachers, mingle with past classmates, and sign the banners hanging in the cafeteria representing each class.

To compete in the dodgeball tournament, students will need to fill out the following Google Form (https://goo.gl/forms/x1dMDQGvbK8sMSbu2) and complete a waiver (Release TCHS alumni games) .

Dodgeball rules are as follows:

*Each team must have six players and may have up to two alternates.
*This will be a double elimination tournament.
*No use of foul language will be tolerated.

* Team will have no more or no less than five players on the court at the beginning of each game.
* Each round is the best of three games.
* Each game has a time limit of three minutes. At the end of three minutes, the team with the most players on the court wins.
* 3 balls will be used during each game. (Increase the number of balls if you have more than five players per team.)
* Balls will start on the midline at each game.
* Players that step on or across any boundary line, including the mid-line, will be out.
* Players who are hit by a ball thrown by the opposing team are out. unless:
–the ball is caught before hitting the ground,
–the thrown ball is deemed an intentional head shot,
–the thrown ball has hit another player first.
* A player who throws the ball resulting in a head shot is out unless the opposing player is ducking to avoid the ball, in which the player being hit is out.
* In order to keep the game moving, if a team has both balls on their side, they have five seconds (as counted out loud by a referee) to throw one of the balls. If the team does not discard the ball within five seconds, the charging referee will call one of the players out.
* If a player catches a thrown ball before it hits the ground, one of their eliminated teammates may return to the court, and the opposing player who threw the ball is out.
* Players may use a ball to block oncoming balls, but if they lose control of the ball they are holding and drop it, they are out.
* Players may not physically touch any opposing player. This will result in the player being terminated from the tournament.