Twelve choir vocalists sang their songs in the tune of success as they competed in three previous rounds of competition and advance to the final round of All-State. The concluding round will take place at the University of Texas at Arlington on January 12.

Rehearsing virtually everyday, over 70,000 high school students across the state of Texas audition in their Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) Region. Individual musicians present a panel of judges selected music in which they are ranked by voice parts.

There are 36 schools within the Region that Keller ISD competes in. Of the entire region, including alternates, the top 56 students are sent to audition for the All-State Choirs. Twelve of the 56 students are from the Timber Creek Choir.

The All-State audition process for choir students leads ultimately to qualification in one of four All-State Choirs that perform at the annual TMEA Convention: Treble Choir, Tenor-Bass Choir, Mixed Choir and Small School Mixed Choir.

Listed below are those advancing to the final round of All-State, along with the chair they placed in round three:

Alto 1
Jordan Davis, Senior, Chair 2
Floriana Azemi, Senior, Chair 4
Kyra Rhoades, Sophomore, Chair 5
Rachel Mareth, Freshman, Chair 6 (1st alternate)

Bass 1
Xavier Bailey, Junior, Chair 1
Shawn Harris, Junior, Chair 4

Bass 2
Blaine Cook, Sophomore, Chair 4

Tenor 1
Parker Davis, Sophomore, Chair 1
Jesse Champion, Senior, Chair 2
Houston Goff, Freshman, Chair 4
Isaiah Blalock, Freshman, Chair 7 (2nd alternate)

Tenor 2
Jared Gamber, Senior, Chair 2