Cast your vote for the October 2018 Teacher of the Month before Nov. 7, 2018 using the form below.

1. Mr. Gonzalez
Mr. Gonzalez has a positive attitude and kind heart and it is evident in his relationships with his students. He is always willing to go the extra mile for his students and he pushes his students to more than they think they can do.

2. Mrs. Johnson
Mrs. Johnson came to TCHS October 2017 and has done a fantastic job, not only as one of our Marketing teachers, but as our DECA sponsor. She took our DECA from a barely existing CTSO to one that went all the way to state in February! Mrs. Johnson has been an awesome addition to the Falcon CTE Family.

3. Mrs. Harkins
Mrs. Harkins does a great job of preparing our students for the Algebra 1 EOC. She always has a cheerful and approachable disposition that helps to boost the confidence of her students. Because of her hard work and dedication, our students are very successful.

4. Mrs. Garrett
Mrs. Garrett piloted Blended English IV last year and was the only English teacher doing so. She is a great listener, fair and balanced, insightful, considerate, helpful, and reliable. We are very lucky to have her on the English IV team.

5. Ms. Taylor
Ms. Taylor is always vibrant and energetic with the students, even when delivering messages on topics that are not easy to talk about. Mrs. Taylor created and delivered an excellent 90 minute presentation for all AP World History students about the events leading up to, during, and following the terrorist attacks that transpired in America on 9/11/2001. All AP World History students were engaged and enlightened as they learned more about this pivotal day in our shared American consciousness. She then encouraged students to talk about what they heard with other adults (parents, grandparents, teachers, adult mentors, etc.) to collect their stories and create for themselves a bigger picture about that day and how this event shaped the world in which they now live. Mrs. Taylor, as is per usual with her, went above and beyond to help students make those connections that help history come alive.

6. Mr. Kirtley
Mr. Kirtley spends countless hours training all levels of students, encouraging them to sing their very best. His care and concern for students is obvious. He can give tough love when needed, or create a room full of laughter.

7. Mr. Cramer
Mr. Cramer is friendly toward everyone, supportive of his students and teammates, extremely patient, and unfailingly positive.

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