Ending their season with their game against Carroll High School on Nov. 9, the Timber Creek Varsity Football Team finished off 2-8 overall. Though unable to reach the results hoped, the team justly proved to be the “underdogs” in their district, showcasing their strength in team dynamics and ultimate perseverance. With a district realignment starting this year, the players went up against several new schools in Class 6A, including Southlake Carroll, Denton Guyer and Byron Nelson high schools. While the season didn’t go as the team planned, players like senior middle linebacker, Dave Casillas, have built bonds like no other, cherishing the brotherhood he will have for a lifetime.

Being a part of the program for 9 years because to my dad’s a coach, the field house became a second home,” Casillas said. “It’s going to be very hard for me to go on to the next chapter of my life. The season obviously didn’t go as planned. This was probably one of the best senior classes we’ve had regarding leadership and togetherness; I’ve just always loved Timber Creek football and ending on a “bad” season is just saddening to me.”

Leaving Timber Creek behind filled with four years worth of memories, while the Friday night lights may have come to an end for these players, their aspirations and impact remains. Each one driven by a different mindset that contributed to their entire season, 20 senior athletes listed some of the people who they dedicated their previous season to, reflecting on those who impacted their love for the game.

Interviews with players can be found by clicking on the faces below

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