Many teachers work beyond that classroom and moonlight as loving parents after the school day. Teacher of Human Growth and Development and Principles of Human Services, Emily Boehringer, invited staff from around the campus to speak about their experiences with pregnancy, labor, delivery, and parenting.

In this course, students learn aspects of childbirth, such as stages of labor, delivery, birth complications, and complications during pregnancy. This annual parent panel provides young adults with a world experience to hold, in comparison to the vocabulary terms and definitions they have learned throughout the semester.

“They just love hearing from their teachers and coaches in school, about their life outside of school.” said Boehringer. 

In this realistic and eye opening presentation, it was encouraged that they detail unidealized personal accounts to spread awareness of actual parenting. 

“[The teachers] keep it real with us; pregnancy, labor, delivery, and everything they went through.” said Boehringer.

Throughout this parent panel, student were given an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about human growth and development from real-life mothers and fathers. Each young adult was able to hear of the complexity and challenges that parenthood presents. 

“I want them to learn more about pregnancy, labor, delivery, and that not every pregnancy is the same, not every baby is the same.” Said Boehringer. “There are complications and sacrifices that parents have to make for their children.”