A new Challenger is Approaching! To be more specific, we expect many challengers to approach for Student Media’s Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Tournament on Feb. 18, 2019.

That’s right, we’re organizing, hosting and streaming a live, 32-player SSBU competitive tournament for glory and fame in the TCHS Lecture Hall and around the world on TCTV’s broadcasting live streams.

Let’s talk the rules:

All characters from Super Smash Brothers Ultimate available as of Jan. 7, 2019 (So no DLC characters. Sorry.) will be selectable for those competing. Contestants will be organized into a single-elimination tournament via the in-game tournament format option “B” which means the first rounds will be 4-player free-for-alls, followed by one-on-one matchups after the initial games. The Ruleset will be smash-mode, two stock, 2:30 time limit, with a Final Smash meter on, no items, and stages limited to random Battlefield-versions of stages with the following stages prohibited and not selected: Onett, Fourside, New Pork City, Green Hill Zone, Magicant, Windy Hill Zone, Midgar, and Dracula’s Castle.

Competitors do not need to bring any equipment to the event. We’ll have the Switch, game, JoyCons, GameCube controllers, an adapter, chairs, TVs — we got it. If you really need your own controller, as long as it connects to the Switch, we’ll be good. There will be a technical test during pre-tourney set up time.

Entrants must be Timber Creek students and available on Monday, Feb. 18, 2019 from after school until the conclusion of the tournament. (We’re not quite sure how it’s going to last yet.) Entrants can sign up to play using the from below. All form fields need to be completed before Jan. 28, 2019. A lottery system may be used if there are over 32 entrants to select the competitors. Each competitor will need to pick up a tournament packet and pay a $10 entry fee by Feb. 1, 2019. (If you enter your info and aren’t picked, you won’t pay the fee.) These fees will go to tournament costs and small prizes for winners, including trophies for the first and second place finishers.

Just want to watch? We’ve got you covered. There will be limited tickets available to watch in person as the competitors battle it out AND a live stream with commentary, graphics, interviews and more on TCTV’s online streams.

Tickets to view the event live in the Lecture Hall will be $2 each and available starting Feb. 4, 2019. Competitors will each get a free ticket, plus one for a guest to support them in person. The event will be HYPE, for sure, as we’ll have the commentary, gameplay, and everything pumped into the Lecture Hall to watch on the massive screen.

For those who can’t make it out in person, we’ll have the action streaming on TCTV’s online streams, including Twitch and YouTube. Links for all that come out in February.