Throughout the year, students have let the their ego get in the way of their mentality and thought process. Surely since the beginning of this schools opening there have been physical fights. The fights that go on in our school our pointless and unjust, there is no good resolution to a problem if it’s handled with violence.

In the end one will get more punishment than closure. The battle marks from the fight will be there for maybe two or three weeks, but that’s not the only backlash one gets from going into a fight. One may get sent to a reform school to change their act and straighten it up a bit so they can go back into society being a well rounded individual. A school is less trusting, they will know who you are and know that they must keep a watchful eye on that said individual. Football coaches at our school declared during the football season that if any player was caught with a fight video on their Snapchat story or even posted somewhere else that they would be eliminated from the team. Some individuals will be suspended for a short amount of time, maybe three to five days, a minor slap on the wrist, but what is the major consequence? 

This will be looked on by colleges you apply for. When looking at colleges, they want a very well rounded student who doesn’t have a lot of bad terms to them. If one starts a fight or even gets involved in one it could determine an education in the university of your choosing or not going to college at all. This all depends on how strict the school is and what punishments the school will have for the student. Individuals who get into fights will end up having to make a stronger profile in order to reapply for the college they wish to go to. Thinking about this delicately, we can find solutions without getting into a physical fight. Other high end schools will look at criminal records, and if a student is of the right age they could get arrested or have charges pressed against them.

Did you really solve the problem with ‘posting up’? It is understandable for why someone would get into a fight, talking down on someone, talking bad about someone’s friend, or even just because someone makes you tick. Now there is an understanding that if someone does swing, to fight back and defend yourself, but it doesn’t mean you have to instigate conflict with someone. All of us have wanted to fight someone for multiple reasons, but some of the students at our school and other schools hold back. Mentally, they think of a better solution, they are stronger than those who use brawn. Just under two weeks ago, there was a fight in North hall upstairs in the boys bathroom with two adolescents, male students were rushing in with their phones to get the latest fight and share it with all their friends. One teacher rushed in and controlled the situation, but was it truly resolved? Mentally, those two people who get into a fight will most likely always have something against the other, unless it is resolved in a respectful and mature manner. An incident at Sweetwater High School, explains that multiple fights broke out before noon that morning and 12 adolescents were arrested due to this.

Some ways to solve this heated debate is to talk it out, or leave the situation. Talking with the person you have tension with will put some ease to both of the minds, even if it doesn’t resolve it all the way. Venting to someone not involved or has seen both sides of the situation will allow a form of advice for both people in the problem. Maybe one shouldn’t even associate with the other they have tension with in order to reach a peaceful resolution, at some points it won’t always work out but it’s an attempt to make a pact.

School fights lead to nothing but a poor outcome for all students involved. Everything about fights in all schools are pointless and in the end don’t resolve the problem that was started in the first place, they only make them worse. Use your mentality to find a solution not just your ego and social standing in the school. Social standing in the school will not even matter when you go off to work or college. One might not even remember the person they didn’t approve of until a high school reunion or not even then. These fights are just students letting their ego get in the way of what they should be thinking about.