Beginning his day before even the sun rises, senior Karson Gopffarth has spent all four years of his high school career as a fundamental asset to both the Falcon swim team and Fine Arts program.

Gopffarth has assisted in shaping the swim team throughout his career. In the past two years his impact has only grown as a captain of not only the swim team but the dive team as well, bringing another level of connection and skill to the diving team as the first captain to compete on both teams.

“I think it has [brought the team closer] because there’s more representation in the team leadership and [it’s] more inclusive,” said Gopffarth.

In addition, Gopffarth has grown individually from participating in both sports, leading to benefits which have improved his skill in each independently.

“Switching to diving has given me a different perspective on how I work out [and] how I control my body,” said Gopffarth.  “I believe [diving] has made me a better swimmer.”

Gopffarth hasn’t stopped at swimming though, using his sense of creativity and love for singing to express himself through art and theatre. As a newcomer, Gopffarth was first introduced to theatre over the summer by friend after searching for new ways to use his voice..

“I wanted to start using my voice more than just in church choir, so I joined my church’s worship band,” Gopffarth said. “I had always loved musicals [and] one of my best friends helped me get integrated into theatre where I got to sing in our school’s first two shows.”

Art has served as a calming safe space for Gopffarth over the years, allowing him introspection into his personal life and the ability to channel it into a series of brushstrokes that slows his racing and busy mind.

“I get inspiration from almost everything around me, whether that’s something I love or a feeling or problem that I’ve been thinking about a lot,” Gopffarth said.

Gopffarth doesn’t credit art with overly influencing his high school career, contrasting from his experience in theatre, swim and dive which allowed him to grow physically and lyrically.

“[Art] has always been there for me.” Gopffarth said “Unlike theatre, art has been my creative outlet that lets me get out of my head”.

With all of his extracurricular ventures Gopffarth’s time is stretched thin especially in preparation for a new show along with 6 A.M. practices and the progression of a new piece. Time management has proved critical to maintain order in the clutter of his schedule.

“Theatre kept me very busy since I’m in AP classes and other clubs, but taught me how to manage my time and make priorities.” Gopffarth said “Although some days I do have to sacrifice the amount of sleep I get in order to get my work done.”

Each activity in high school has influenced Gopffarth’s decisions for his future in a variety of ways. Whether it’s maintaining a healthy lifestyle or his ability to express his creativity each has played a significant role.

“[High school activities] have allowed me to sample what I don’t like and what I do,” Gopffarth said “I’ve learned that I want a career that has creativity, dealing with people, problem solving and some sort of way to help and heal living things.”

However, Gopffarth plans to keep his art to himself. Preserving the therapeutic effect and intimate place it holds in his heart by withholding it from the stresses of college life.

“If art were to become my job, I would feel like I would struggle to keep the love and originality that I have right now,” Gopffarth said.

Throughout all four years, Gopffarth has developed in both personality and physicality. His dedication and elasticity between activities leaves an impact on those who surround him, showcasing true leadership.

“[I’m thankful] I picked up a lot of knowledge and amazing friendships along the way,” Gopffarth said.