As a result of growing class sizes, Keller ISD should move the graduation site from the UTA College Park Center to a larger venue in order to accommodate everyone. A larger venue would allow for more flexibility and space for each ceremony.

With all four Keller ISD high school graduations taking place on the same day at the same location, parking and traffic becomes an issue. Staggering each graduation time can only help so much, considering the exponential increase in class size each year. A larger venue with more parking spaces would allow for smoother transitions before graduations and ease the traffic in the area.

Because all four schools graduate on the same day, the transitions are going to be tight and stressful. A larger space would help prevent students from having to wait outside in the heat in their caps and gowns for long periods of time before being allowed to enter the venue. It would allow for more time to get students in order rather than having a long waiting period outside.

A larger venue would also allow for each student to invite more family to attend their graduation. Currently, each student is only allotted a certain amount of tickets, and must enter a lottery if they wish to receive more. High school graduation only occurs once, so students should have the opportunity to invite a healthy amount of family to attend if they wish. Opponents of the suggestion say that moving the venue and allowing more tickets would be chaotic and that the ceremonies would be too crowded, but a larger venue would make the space feel less crowded and more relaxed. The ceremony also becomes more intimate when more family is able to attend.

Additionally, a larger space could better accommodate the groups that attended graduation to perform, such as choir and band. Due to the increased class sizes each year, more rows of chairs are added, which leaves very little floor space for anyone to be able to move. A bigger space would allow for these groups to feel comfortable during the long ceremony and allow for better performance set ups.

This proposal is beneficial not only to Timber Creek, but to all four Keller ISD high schools, making the decision to change venues logical. Parents and students should reach out to district officials and advocate for this change.