Facing off against Keller High School on Tuesday, March 19, though the team lost 7-3, the Timber Creek Baseball Team hit off this season with high expectations and an entirely new set of goals. Becoming Bi-District and Area Champions the previous year, the team, currently 1-2, hopes to build off of their past success, using each individual player to build the team as a whole.

“Baseball is such a team game,” said varsity player, Micah Berens. “It takes all 9 players to win a game and if one is having a bad game, the whole team suffers. We have a lot of hard workers who have put in work not only in [school], but in their off time too.”

Entering into the season focusing on lifting and technical work, the baseball players has changed up their program to reach new heights. Showcasing strong potential in their pitching staff, while the team doesn’t have the hitting power felt throughout the 2017-2018 season, their defense has proven to make up for the loss, working harder on and off the field.

“Every year we enter into a high school baseball season we want the guys to get better everyday and I think that’s what these guys are working towards,” said head coach Derek Watson. “They play hard for each other and they appreciate each other, and that’s going to go a long way.”

With their next game held at Keller High School against Keller High School on Friday, March 22, the team continues to push through the grind in efforts to potentially make playoffs and a run for the state championship. Having complete trust in the players on the field, seniors like Berens have no doubts regarding the team’s capabilities, keeping his mentality of focusing on one game at a time.

“The season so far has been a grind,” Berens commented. “A lot of people don’t expect much from us but we’re here to try and prove them wrong. Big hitters are valuable in the lineup as well as great defenders. We just play every game in front of us the best we can, focus on one game at a time. The bigger picture, of course, winning district, making playoffs, and eventually winning state.”