Losing five of their key senior players from the previous season, the varsity girls basketball team made up for it within their new leading talents, as senior player Mele Kailahi hit her 1,000 point during their Feb. 5, 2019 game against Southlake Carroll High School.

“I honestly didn’t know I hit 1,000 points,” Kailahi said. “I remember my coach asking me the game before if I wanted to hit my 1,000 points at that game or at home and I told her at home, but that game against Southlake was such a close and intense game I was more focused on the game than points. Our fans that night [were] by far the highlight.”

Taking on a “dog mentality” throughout the season, the players have built not only a strong bond, but also a stronger fan base this season, only fueling their success further.

“The atmosphere we had the [Carroll High School game] was incredible. We had the stands packed with a lit student section, our boys basketball team, Timber coaches, teachers, and family, it was the best. Girl’s basketball is so underrated, and to have so many people come out and support us that game meant a lot. [We realized]…the name we wear on our chest is more than just a name regardless of who we’re facing…[and we] took pride in who we represent and left everything on the floor.”

Ending their season going 8-4 in districts, the girls basketball team finished with a 81-48 loss against Cedar Hill High School in playoffs on Feb. 15. While the young team’s season ended, player success was evident throughout the entire year, facing several new schools after a realigning of the districts. Setting the mindset and expectations for next year’s team, though the season only lasted through two of the playoff games, athletes have built a sisterhood for years to come, leaving every effort on the court.

“We [were] the underdogs here in the playoffs,” said Kailahi. “Our team…picked it up big time the last few games. We pick up after each other and have built a sisterhood where we can fight argue and get on each other and use it to get better.”

Taking on a newer, persevering mindset, the team’s coaches have incorporated several new training plans in order to improve the team’s defensive strategies and playing style, furthering players like Kailahi’s dedication to the game both on and off the court in order to improve.