Students constantly crave information. Whether it’s about a club, sport, or STAAR testing, the need for information always leads to one place: the Timber Creek Talon. The newspaper puts out new information and intriguing stories consistently.

“We help inform the school and it’s really rewarding to say, ‘It’s on Talon,’ about anything because we cover so much,” senior and Editor-In-Chief, Alaina Richardson said.

As much as stories inform others, they also inform the writer. To write a story, writers have to interview people on the topic and gather more information. Setting up interviews, they contact their sources through e-mail, social media, or phone numbers. 

“The best part of writing a story is getting the opportunity to learn everything about anything,” junior Allison Souimaniphanh said.

Although Talon is mostly focused on providing the school with information, it also provides reporters with a comfortable space to expand their journalism skills. With a variety of different types of stories to choose from, the staff learns how to explore different formats of writing based upon the topic they have. Stories can be editorials, reviews, news, sports news, features, and more. 

“The best part about writing a story is the finished product,” Richardson said. “I love looking at the page and it has a picture, excerpt, text, and a headline.”

Editorials are a way for Talon writers to express their opinions, and offer solutions on issues that affect the campus or the outside world. Topics vary from mental health and gun control, to negative aspects within the school, public figures and more.

“My favorite part about writing for Talon, is the editorials,” sophomore Sadie Becht said. “I love being able to to express my opinions on a place where they can actually be heard.”  

Stories are shared on social media, mainly Twitter. The Talon twitter is run by Greg Janda, who is the Student Media Advisor. Popularly, the Talon Twitter informs students if it is an A or B day.

The Twitter also shares yearbook photos, acknowledgements, and accomplishments of students and faculty.

“I love seeing the stories be retweeted and shared on Facebook,” senior Paige Greene said. “Seeing people genuinely happy that something was covered.”  

Newspaper works together, and encourages one another like a family. To be able to keep Talon going, staff members have to truly love and care for each other.

“Talon is like a family, but not like the kind you live with,” Richardson said. “Talon is more like a family reunion that’s happening everyday. You get to share the latest news with each other and laugh, and cry, and panic, and just share all these experiences with these people who have been with you for some-four years.”