As the end of the year draws closer to an end, antics, jokes and high school’s greatest moments are captured in the form of the yearbook. Yearbooks have officially sold out; however, students who did not preorder one may still have an opportunity to purchase one on the yearbook delivery day. This does not guarantee students a book but if extra copies are delivered, they will be sold for $100 a piece. The yearbook staff will know if there will be extras by Thursday, May 9.

The yearbook delivery date is Monday, May 13, and they will be distributed during lunches. Students who are taking the AP Biology exam that morning will need to pick up their book after the test. When picking up a yearbook, only the student whose name is on the yearbook order will be able to get their copy. Concerns regarding a parent or friend pick up will be addressed Friday, May 14.

Students who ordered a senior yearbook ad should have received an email regarding ad purchasing. Senior ad orders will be due Thursday, April 18 and posters will be delivered Wednesday, May 1. If a student still needs to order pictures from Glamourcraft, they should contact them at 817-292-8989 as soon as possible in order to receive their order by graduation.

Additionally, when yearbooks arrive it is important to keep in mind that they are the product of 16 students’ love and appreciation for their school. Working hard throughout the year to document the school’s greatest moments is a very large task to take on. The yearbook staff therefore asks that any concerns with the book be brought directly to yearbook advisor, Kathy Beers.