On March 30, freshman Alyssa Ballard, senior Kaitlyn Fleming, and sophomore Ellie Drescher, all competed against 43 of the best girl bowlers in the state of Texas. They competed in state competition at the Forum Bowl in Grand Prairie, Texas. When they arrived, every bowler and coach were told to gather for a meeting over rules and regulations, where they were given player wrist bands and score sheets. Once play began, each of the girls were coached by multi-title bowlers and Timber Creek coaches, Carolyn Dorin-Ballard and Paul Fleming.

“Everyone was cheering loud and it was very exciting to experience this atmosphere and I can’t wait to do this again,” said Drescher.

Ballard finished in 36th, Fleming finished in 20th, and Drescher finished in eighth. Drescher was their only player to finish in the top 16, which meant she would advance into the matchplay round of the tournament. Matchplay was the best of three games. Drescher was eliminated after losing 2-1.

Overall, each bowler exhibited hard work and determination throughout the competition season. Drescher and Ballard are already preparing for next year’s regional and state tournaments.

On April 6, the girls will be competing at College Station for their All-District or ‘All-Stars’ tournament. The top five girls from districts across the state will all be competing against each other in what would compare to collegiate bowling. After All-District, their season will be over until the fall.

“Bowling for Timber Creek the past four years has been the best experience I could ask for, and I can’t wait to bowl in college,” said Fleming.