Since its founding in 2009, Timber Creek High School has left a legacy of being truly committed to helping students soar to new heights of achievement — now the Falcon Family is looking for current and former Falcons, staff members, and community members to help leave a lasting legacy with an iconic statue.

“This is my fourth year at Timber Creek. Timber Creek is a place that I call home. So throughout my time here, I’ve always wanted to find new ways to celebrate our Falcons,” Principal Michelle Somerhalder told Timber Creek Student Media in October 2018. “One of the ideas I had one day was, let’s install the Falcon Statue to really be a representation of who we are.”

To commemorate our ten year anniversary, a large, bronze Falcon statue has been commissioned for Timber Creek and is set to be installed before the end of the 2019 school year. The statue (seen in the in-progress images below) is being crafted by a local sculptor and cast in metal. Input has been collected from the Falcon Family on the statue and its location at the front of the school.

To assist in paying for the statue, the Falcon Family is looking for donations through the Keller ISD Web Store and through other future fundraisers. To make a direct donation, click here and search for “Falcon” on the Web Store. Any amount is welcome.

“The Falcon Statue is going to be a representation of who we are as Falcons, it’s really going to represent our desire to continue to soar to new heights,” Somerhalder said. “Our Falcons have accomplished so many great feats, and I always want that statue to be a constant in all of those celebrations.”

See more from Mrs. Somerhalder in this video from October of 2018