The 2019 Creek Yearbook plans to distribute yearbooks during lunches on May 3, 2019 across from the Fine Arts Center by North Hall stairs.

Here are the most asked questions, and the answers you should know:

“Did I order one?”
Pink lists are already posted in the main hallway. Check those.

“How do I pick it up?”
Stand in line with photo ID. You can only pick up your copy.

“I’m not there today during lunches, how do I pick it up?”
KCAL students can pick up books immediately after school Friday in room N202. Other issues, we’ll let you know.

“Can I still buy a book?”
EXTREMELY LIMITED extras are available for $100 cash today. Go to the distribution lines.

“I need someone else to get my book”
BEGINNING MONDAY — Anyone other than the student to pick up the Yearbook, send an email to No one else can pick up a student’s yearbook without us having received that email.

“I see something wrong in the book, lol. *snapchats it*”
Please don’t. Here’s what “Yearbook Lady” Kathy Beers posted on their Facebook page to help put things into context:

“A plea from “That Yearbook Lady” at Timber Creek High School.

Yearbooks will be handed out tomorrow at TC. 416 beautiful pages of national award winning photos and writing, created BY STUDENTS. If you see an issue you’d like to discuss, please contact me privately rather than posting about it on social media and encourage your student to do the same.

If your child bombed a chemistry test, or missed a free throw, would you want photos and video to be shared all over Facebook and Twitter for the entire community to scrutinize? Of course not. Please don’t do that to these hard-working students. They are kids who took on an enormous task and they would appreciate support for a job well done.

If you see something beautiful or impressive in the yearbook, please take photos and share away.
If you’d like to purchase copies of any of our photos, you can do so at

Thank you so much for your support of all of our students.”

“Can I get a yearbook during classes?”

More questions? Try @TheCreekYB