The Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) is a club where students who are interested in marketing, business, management and entrepreneurship go to better themselves and help boost their careers. It also provides many students the opportunity to see where their interests lay within the marketing community and the skill necessary to achieve it.

Interested in DECA? There is an informational meeting after school on Thursday, Aug. 29 in room M104.

DECA helped AT&T with its theme, ‘It Can Wait’, campaign last school year. Gathering signatures from students who pledged to wait to text or talk on the phone until after they stopped driving, the members were able to put their marketing skills to the test in the field with the help of a major corporation.

This year DECA’s theme is, ‘Here We Go’ and hopes to “go faster, go bigger and go further than ever” as advertised in their theme announcement poster.