Balfour representatives will visit lunches on second Thursday of every month for students to order class rings. Balfour’s next visit will be on Thursday, Oct. 10.

Students may order their personalized rings during their lunch or online at Balfour’s website. Whichever method one chooses to order by, an $80 deposit is required to order. Students will have until January to order rings to be received during the 2019-2020 school year. If students miss this deadline, they must wait until the following school year to order again.

“My brother bought a class ring right before his senior year,” Julia Elliott said. “He still wears it everyday because it reminds him of school.”

According to Balfour’s website, the company is focused on delivering exceptional quality that lasts a lifetime and captures the special memories of student life.

Order class memorabilia today by clicking here or visiting with Balfour during lunch.