For many people, picking out an outfit to wear can be full of endless possibilities. Clothes themselves are considered fashion, while style comes from within the person wearing the clothes. Oftentimes, style is a way to express one’s personality without using words. For junior Delaney Ross, her style is dependent on how she feels that specific day.

“It changes a lot,” Ross said. “One day I can dress like a pastel fairy girl and other days I can dress like a grandma.”

Expression through clothes come in many different forms. While some believe that pain equals beauty, others, like Ross, use their style to boost confidence, and don’t sacrifice comfort.

“Sometimes you wake up and you just feel ugly,” Ross said. “I tend to go for longer skirts, just because I’m not as comfortable showing my legs. Normally if I have them covered, I feel better.”

Ross also uses her choice of accessories to start conversations with her peers, while still feeling like the best that she can feel.

“I really like wearing odd earrings. I have no reason why, but I enjoy piercings,” Ross said. “I think I just like wearing things that could start up a conversation, and things that you don’t see a lot.

The process of choosing an outfit could be simple for some and more dynamic for others. For Ross, it’s a trial and error process.

“I try on everything in my closet – actually, I did that last night. I went through about thirty different things,” ross said. “The difficult part was that I had an idea in mind, but it was out of dress code. I usually get inspiration from someone or something first and that determines my style for the day.”

Inspiration for outfits can come from the most unexpected places. Because Ross is active in performing arts, it’s natural that she finds inspiration within others active in the arts, in addition to drawing inspiration from her friends.

“Honestly, I get a lot of my inspiration from my friend’s Pinterest boards. I really like to look at artists that aren’t as known and try to use the color palette of the piece and go from there,” Ross said.

Additionally, Ross channels the creativity of retro television shows and dolls like Barbie and Monster High Dolls into her outfit selection.

“TV shows and characters also fuel a lot of my inspiration,” Ross said. “Jackie Burkhart, from ‘That 70’s Show’ is a huge style icon for me. I also love looking at drag queens. I love Kimchi, I like Adore Delano, Trixie Mattel. I like looking at their style.”

In the end, clothing is an outlet that anyone and everyone may express themselves through. It provides for a way for people, such as Ross, to feel unique and have fun.

“I like to wear what makes me feel good about myself, and so, I try to wear things that I feel pretty in. That makes me feel better throughout the day.”