Timber Creek Varsity Tennis achieved a feat that’s never been done before; after 10 years of playing against Keller High School in tennis matches, the Falcon Tennis Team won their first tournament vs Keller 10-9. They were down 6-9 and aggressively came back, resulting in a monumental victory.

Additionally, Cooper Steele, Jocelyn Arneros, Jay Ruckel and Brielle Mitchell won their singles matches against Keller tennis players. The team has worked very hard for this victory over the past few seasons by working efficiently and spending many long hours each week at practice. This made their victory a big moment for many tennis players, especially Steele.

“It felt amazing because this was the first time in school history that we have beat Keller and it was on Coach O’s birthday so it felt great for us but it was amazing for Coach O,” Steele said.

This monumental occasion left many players with memories that they’ll never forget, including Arneros.

“Honestly I can’t even explain how it felt,” Arenros said. “We went onto the courts after having a pep talk with Coach Osmus. I believe that made such a big difference.”

The team all stepped up as leaders and conquered what they believed to be was impossible. But the strong camaraderie between teammates and Coach Mark Osmus helped prepare the mindsets of each individual. 

“The whole team prepared by pushing each other in every practice we had leading up to this game,” Steele said.

Many team members had all confidence in their team from the start. Arneros describes what she was thinking at the time. 

“I personally went into the match believing we could win, I knew we could and it truly was a very mental straining match for me,” Arneros said. “We were down [6-9] we had 4 matches on and we needed to win all the matches. We succeed and ended up winning 10-9.” 

This game has definitely put these athletes into a confident mindset, helping them to prepare for the rest of their tough season ahead. 

“After the game against Keller, we could all say that we believe the rest of the season will go exactly how we want it to go which is playoffs,” Steele said.

With playoffs in mind, the team has had a tremendous season so far. Their next match is against Denton Guyer at home. They are a tough team to beat but with the adrenaline of the team beating Keller for the first time, they can most definitely win again. Go support your fellow Falcons.