Last Friday, Sept. 27, the Falcons lost a thrilling game to the Eaton Eagles by a score of 23-20. The affair saw Creek comeback twice to tie the ballgame, big defensive stops, and of course an Eaton game winning field goal in overtime.

The first half of the game was rocky for the West Keller squad, as Timber could not get anything going on offense. However, on defense the Falcons looked like a well-oiled machine, holding Eaton to only thirteen points before the half, keeping the struggling offense in the game.

After kicking the ball off to Eaton to start the second half, Creek quickly shifted the momentum. On a misplaced throw by the Eagles quarterback, Travis Ngethe picked off the ball.

The offense quickly took advantage, marching down the field and scoring on an 8-yard run by running back Kaden Bess. Now, a completely different game, the Falcons looked dangerous and locked in. On Eaton’s next possession, they were desperate to shift the momentum in their favor again.

Fortunately, they were not able to, as the Eagles quarterback found trouble again, getting picked off by the Falcons defense for the second time of the night.

Once again taking advantage, the Falcon offense capitalized with a field goal to make it a one possession game.

With the score at 13-10 going into the final quarter, Timber looked to be in a good position to complete the comeback.

The final moments of regulation were tense; the score held at 13-10 for what felt like an eternity.

Finally, with 7:54 remaining in the game, the Falcons found life with a 27-yard field goal by Carlo Martinez.

With the game tied at 13, Eaton quickly took back the lead on a badly covered prayer to a receiver on a go route.

With the game in the Eagles’ favor once again, Timber had to come up with a response, as time was quickly becoming a luxury they did not have.

A Creek 3 and out deflated the crowd.

With hope all but lost, the strong Falcons defense reignited the passion, forcing a punt with time dwindling.

On a strong drive down the field, the Falcons found themselves at the five yard line.

Three attempts to get into the end zone failed, leaving the Falcons in a do or die situation.

They did; completing a short play action boot rollout to Mason McCrary, the Falcons scored the game-tying touchdown and point after touchdown.

After another defensive stop, the Falcons had a chance for late game heroics.

Instead, the Falcons opted to be conservative and run out regulation.

Overtime saw Jason Akers hurt his shoulder, and Martinez miss a field goal.

The game was won by a walk-off field goal by the Eagles.

Nothing but positives can be taken after the hard fought game, as both teams played hard and respectably. Timber Creek plays Keller on Friday, as the away team at Keller ISD stadium.