Although children are known to say witty and sometimes eccentric things, they can also say some pretty creepy things as well. Some theorists believe that children can see ghosts or even remember past lives. Here are some chilling things that kids have said to their parents that are sure to make you shiver.

This Time it’s Goodbye

A source from Reddit recalled the spookiest thing his young child ever said to him. While tucking in his two-year-old son, he said something absolutely frightening. His son said, “Goodbye Dad,” and the source explained to his son that they say goodnight, not goodbye. His son then said, “I know – but this time it’s goodbye.” The source mentioned having to check up on his son multiple times that night just to make sure he was still there.

I Want to Peel All Your Skin Off

From the same Reddit post, a woman explained a terrifying encounter with her four-year-old daughter. Close to 6 a.m., the source was awoken by her daughter standing inches from her face. According to the source, her daughter looked right into her eyes and said, “I want to peel all your skin off.” Granted, the source had a sunburn that was starting to peel but this is nonetheless very spooky.

He is Behind You Now

A different source from the same Reddit chain shared some haunting quotes between herself and her child. While reassuring her child there was no monster under their bed, she said, “Go back to sleep, there isn’t anything under your bed.” Next, the child replied with something that is truly hair-raising, “He is behind you now.” The source mentioned she will never get over that memory.

Mom, When You Die…

A source from a Facebook chain details something sweet yet concerning that her five-year-old son said one night while cuddling: “Mom, when you die, after the funeral I’m going to take you back home with me. I will chop off your head and shake out your guts. Then I will put it on the table by my bed so I can look at your face before I go to sleep and always remember that I really love you!”

When the Other Lady was My Mommy!

Another Facebook post detailed a chilling comment that son said to her that can make one ponder on the possibility of past lives. While walking past an old cemetery, her three-year-old son said, “My brother is in there.” After reminding her son that he did not have a brother, the source recalled the chilling thing that was said next, “No, Mama… from before. When the other lady was my mommy.”