Aesthetic is defined as the pleasant, positive, or artful appearance of a person or a thing. In style, aesthetic can refer to any theme of clothing and accessories that is consistently used to create a type of branding. Sophomore Elyn Autrey heavily relies on an eye-catching theme and aesthetic when putting together her outfits.

“My inspiration primarily comes from dolls, I love the aesthetic of porcelain dolls, especially their beauty and their vintage outfits,” Autrey said. “I also get a bit of inspiration from Harajuku and lolita fashion, at least the pastel part of it. Right now, I’m looking to expand my wardrobe to more Lolita themed outfits. I don’t have a style icon, I just decided one day I wanted to wear this kind of fashion.”

Although many would believe her outfit process would be meticulous, and take hours to put together, Autrey has an eye for style that makes it easy and simple to put together captivating outfits.

“I grab whatever I have,” Autrey said. “I actually never plan my outfits, I just throw a bunch of things together. I mostly own pastels, so it’s not too hard to pull together an outfit. It only takes me about 20 minutes to get ready in the morning.”

Additionally, Autrey uses small touches to put together her looks. It not only adds to the overall aesthetic and theme, but it is yet another way she expresses creativity. This is done through the use of unexpected tools such as band-aids and glitter.

“I don’t wear a whole lot of makeup, only blush, mascara, and a bit of glittery stuff of my eyes and nose,” Autrey said. “Sometimes I like to use white eyeliner to draw sparkles or hearts on my cheeks. I usually like to wear matching hair clips and my favorite childhood necklace. Sometimes I like to wear colorful band-aids with cute characters on them as well.”

Autrey’s style is definitely a reflection on her personality. She uses and colors and clothes to create joy, as well as express herself.

“My style is something that makes me personally happy,” Autrey said. “I think that pastel colors radiate a youthful look, and it makes me feel energetic. I think they represent my uniqueness. I’m not the kind of person to call myself ‘quirky’ or ‘not like other girls’ but I do find that looking different is what makes me most content.”