League of Legends is by far the biggest e-sport in the world, with matches at the Worlds tournament having millions of live viewers. This past month had the 2020 Worlds Event, and with that has come new content.

League of Legends is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) that came out in 2009 and is developed by Riot Games. Riot has also created the recently popular game, Valorant.

The biggest thing to come out of this huge event is the final match of the tournament. This year, the final came down to Suning vs Damwon Gaming. As the event has come to a close, the results to the final match will be below.

Damwon’s 3-1 win against Suning has brought back Korea in the worlds circuit, as the past two Worlds tournaments have had Chinese teams as the winner. Though, Damwon’s win was not the whole event. There are plenty of notable moments in both teams during the games played. One, in particular, is the Suning player “Bin” getting a pentakill with the champion Fiora. Though, the overall synergy of Damwon outclassed any other team there, which brought them to be the Worlds 2020 champions.

As the 2020 champions, the players who won get to choose a skin for a champion that they played during Worlds. Past winners of Worlds include SKT 1, Fnatic, and Invictus Gaming, who all have skin line for the World Championship. As they just won, the skin line won’t be available until next year.

Not only is Worlds about e-sports, but also about music as well. There are typically songs for each event every year, last year with Phoenix and this year with Take Over. One of the biggest music groups to come out of League is K/DA, Riot’s virtual Kpop girl group.

K/DA’s debut in 2018 sparked a growing popularity for Kpop across the world. Their debut song “POP/STARS” has amassed almost 400 million views on Youtube, and has both Korean and American members. The members in K/DA are the League champions Akali, Ahri, Evelynn, and Kai’sa.

This year’s Worlds in terms of K/DA was the first comeback for the group since 2018. This year also marks the first album, with K/DA releasing their EP “ALL OUT”. Many real life artists appeared on the album, such as TWICE, (G)-IDLE, Wolftyla, and Bea Miller. They not only released new music but skins for each girl as well.