Timber Creek Choir students advanced past the second round of auditions for the All-State choir over the weekend of Oct. 16.

Over 40 of our students made it past round one and on to this second audition, more than any other high school in the region. Each round of auditions takes fewer and fewer people, at this round only the top chairs in each voice section advanced.

Freshman Avian Pham, who took 31st chair for the Alto 1 section, explained her mindset for this round of competition, “It’s a lot more competitive at this round and only a couple of us advance, so it’s a little nerve-wracking. I’m not sure I can make it all the way, but I can try.”

The singers who qualified are now a part of the Region mixed choir, which is a group of some of the best high school choir students in the North Texas area. They will be performing all together to showcase their talents later on in the semester.

Choir students who advanced will now begin to prepare for the next round, Pre-Area, which will be held on Nov. 18. Only the top 5 chairs will make it past the next round, which will be more challenging than the two prior but will hopefully lead to a spot in the All-State choir.

The following students advanced to round 3:

Soprano 1-

Lana Salcedo, chair 1

Caitlyn Melton, chair 3

Ainsley Perry, chair 4

Triana Gonzalez, chair 6

Avery Tice, chair 8

Mina Haring, chair 12

Emma Massengale, chair 13

Kenna Morris, chair 17

Brooke Dorris, chair 25

Soprano 2-

Sam Bustos, chair 2

Amber Johnson, chair 3

Tailor Petris, chair 6

Olive Miller, chair 17

Alexia Cruz, chair 19

Mia Cavazos, chair 36

Alto 1-

Rachel Mareth, chair 1

Elizabeth McCartney, chair 6

MacKenzie Braegger, chair 10

Isabella Foresta, chair 16

Claire Greenhill, chair 26

Avian Pham, chair 31

Mia Hynes, chair 32

Kyra Zielke, chair 35

Alto 2-

Elyse Corley, chair 9

Kirryn Parson, chair 10

Avery Ivey, chair 12

Madison Simon, chair 13

Kennedy Schultz, chair 14

CJ Remo, chair 27

Riley Oliver, chair 31

Zion Mukendi, chair 32

Tenor 1-

Kaedyn Mcclain, chair 2

Noah Horton, chair 5

Cole O’Dell, chair 9

Tenor 2-

Isaiah Blalock, chair 1

Timothy McCracken, chair 2

Zachary Davis, chair 7

Andrew Corona, chair 8

Bass 1-

Tyler Holton, chair 5

Zachariah Collazo, chair 8

Bass 2-

Luke McCartney, chair 1

Houston Goff, chair 3

Ethan Schreihofer, chair 8