On Friday, October 29th, the varsity football team was defeated by Southlake Carroll with a final score of 42 to 7. The game was rough for the Falcons, who are now onto their final game of the season. Although the loss was draining for the Falcons, they are not out of playoff contention. With a win in their final game, the Falcons can still potentially clinch a playoff spot. Although they face the highly talented roster of V.R. Eaton High School, if the Falcons can pull off a win, playoffs are in sight.

Unless you consider back and forth punts to be an electrifying event, the first quarter contained little to no action. Everyone got in on the punting action, including a trick play where Quarterback Jacob Porter laced up his boots for a 20+ yard punt. Although the Dragons were able to complete a 31-yard field goal late in the first quarter, it would be the only points scored in the first 12 minutes.

The second quarter was rampant in minor errors for the Falcons, which included dropped touchdowns in the end zone and a missed field goal. The bright spot of this quarter was when LeVar Thornton got an interception in what was arguably play of the night for Timber Creek. With only 11 seconds left in the quarter, Southlake would boot the ball through the uprights for the final score for the first half. At halftime, the Falcons were only trailing the Dragons by a score of 6 to 0. Overcoming this deficit didn’t appear impossible for the Falcons, who notoriously put up 35 unanswered second-half points against Fossil Ridge earlier in the season.

Although hopes were high for the Falcons coming back into the game, the third quarter was tough for the Falcons. Southlake Carroll would score four touchdowns unanswered in the quarter, burying the Falcons in a 35 to 0 deficit. The Falcons appeared hopeless at this point, and what little momentum persisted was shortly obliterated following a tough injury timeout for the Falcons. This would be the second starter out for the Falcon offense, as they officially lost their starting wide receiver and center.

The fourth quarter was decent for the Falcon offense. Southlake scored a touchdown just four seconds into the quarter, and it would be their last scoring drive of the game. With their final drive of the game, the Falcons finally punched it in. Although Nate Rosenbalm’s 50-yard touchdown run was a mood booster, it was far too late for the boys in purple and gold. Southlake Caroll would run out the clock and would be deemed champions. Like an episode of “Game Of Thrones”, the dragons came out victorious from this duel. Southlake Carroll toppled Timber Creek with a final score of 42 to 7.

This game was rough for the Falcons, mostly due to injuries. Losing both a starting receiver and center can completely turn a team upside down, especially with the bond the players have with one another. The score fails to provide justice for the bright spots of the Falcons, who have plenty to show. Josh Compton had multiple tackles for losses, Nate Rosenbalm had his “Kodak moment” in the 50-yard touchdown, and LeVar Thornton had a great interception. Many players had performances worth noting, across both sides of the ball.

All hope is not lost for the Falcons, who are still able to clinch a playoff berth with a win against V.R. Eaton High School on Friday. This game will be the final test for the Falcons, as a loss on Friday officially ends the season. If there is ever a time for a player to prove his worth, it will be against Eaton. The game is a home game for the Falcons and will take place at the Keller ISD athletic complex and stadium on Friday, November 5th. The kickoff is at 7 pm, and the “nest” fanbase will be ready to cheer. This team has all the needed tools to succeed, and will be exciting to watch in their last regular season game of the year.

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