This school year Timber Creek has many new teachers added to our staff. Among these new staff members, 8 of them are first-year teachers.

Many of the first-year teachers felt a calling to teach but put teaching on the back burner to other fields. Whether that be for starting a family, careers in the medical field, or the business and corporate world.

“I always knew I wanted to be a teacher and football coach, however, I wanted to give the business world a try before jumping into the life of a teacher/coach!” Says Matthew Martin aquatic science teacher and coach.

Some teachers felt unsure about the switch. They felt that teaching was what they wanted, just needed to take the risk.

“I chose to change careers because I felt called to teaching.” Says chemistry teacher Tristen O’Farrell, “I was absolutely terrified but knew I needed to do it, if only to say that I at least tried. I love it here at Timber Creek so far!”

We are currently in a time of many educators burning out and leaving the profession. These new teachers are bringing a new enthusiasm to education.

“I like to see students succeed so I guess in that sense I’m showing up for the students,” Says physics teacher Laura Wells.

Going into teaching can be a daunting task. It is a very influential job and while it can be difficult at times, many will say it is a very rewarding job. So far many of these new teachers are confident in their decisions and immensely enjoy it.

“I feel confident and am continuing to grow as an educator,” says CTE teacher Ketsana Russel.

Timber Creek is a very large campus and could be intimidating to newcomers. So far the teachers have nothing but positive thoughts about the campus.

“I love it! It’s a beautiful campus, we have a really great staff here and everyone I’ve met has been super welcoming and helpful” says English teacher Heather Meyer.