Talon’s most infamous story, ‘Horrifying Facts About the Real Annabelle Doll’, is back for 5 brand new interesting facts. This haunting season is sure to remind of Annabelle so be wary of any interesting encounters with a doll.

  1. The original doll is still kept in the protective box in Lorraine Warren’s Occult Museum in Moodus Connecticut. Lorraine has reportedly claimed she is known to move and growl at unsuspecting visitors.
  2. Donna the original owner of the doll once received a note that said: “Save Lou”, one of Donna’s friends that had doubted the doll. Allegedly Lou woke up to a feeling of being choked while near the doll with seven claw marks on his chest.
  3. The doll has been reported by multiple persons that it is capable of standing, levitating, and even manifesting droplets of blood. Whether or not these reports are true hasn’t been confirmed or denied.
  4. After visiting the museum where the real life doll is kept, and banging on the glass of the doll’s box: a man was reported to have gotten in a tragic motorcycle accident. Although this incident was decades a go there is still little known around the incident.
  5. Another visitor, a priest from Hartford, visited the doll and dismissed it. He later called the owner to tell he had nearly gotten in a car accident.

So make sure to think twice before making any comments or remarks on a doll, because though it’s unlikely, there could always be a spirit, ghost or a demon behind those stitched eyes.