College applications have been open and the time for most early applications has passed, however don’t let this discourage you. There is still time to apply and be accepted. Here we have created a college application checklist for Keller ISD students to use when applying to college.

1. Sign up for Common App or Apply Texas

Common App is a hub students may use to keep all information for their college applications and send their applications through. Common App is where students will need to go to apply for universities out of state, however it may also be used for in state applications as well. Apply Texas is a similar program that students can submit applications to college through, however it is specific to Texas schools and may only be used for in state applications.

2. Write an essay and send in application

Though many colleges do not require essays when applying, it is always good to submit the optional essay. The essay is what will tell colleges about you on a deeper level than your grades can. This is important when colleges look at who they would like to admit into school because they want to get to know you. Once the essay is finished, fill out the rest of your applications requirements, pay the fee, and send it in.

3. Send in transcripts

When finished sending a college application, you must then send your school transcript separately from the application. Keller ISD students can find their transcripts on the Keller ISD website on in the handle bar of “College, Career, and Military Readiness” also linked below. Additionally, Dual Enrollment students will also need to separately submit their college transcripts through their college portals.

4. Apply for FAFSA and TAFSA

Finally apply for financial aid. Financial aid is required for Keller ISD students to graduate. Both FAFSA and TAFSA have opened for students to apply. The link to apply can be found on the Keller ISD website or below.

5. Wait for a response

The final, and quite possibly the hardest part for students, is the wait for an answer from your college of choice. Remember, don’t become discouraged and be patient.