As we continue our way through the spring semester and the school year comes closer to wrapping up, here are a few test dates students need to be aware of.

High School Testing dates 2022-23

March 1st – SAT 11th grade 

                    TSIA (10th and 12th  grades needing CCMR)

April 19 – English I & II EOC

                Late Arrival time for non-testing students/No KCAL classes

April 26 – Biology& US History EOC

                 Late Arrival time for non-testing students/No KCAL classes

May 2-  Algebra I

             No Late Arrival- Regular Bell schedule for non-testing grades/KCAL classes run on                      normal schedule 

May 1-12 – AP exams (see testing page on TCHS website for exam dates and times).

Additionally if students plan on retesting for subjects, here are some summer dates to be aware of.

Summer EOC retest dates:

June 20 – English I  & USH EOC 

June 21 – English II & Alg I EOC

June 22 – Biology EOC

March 1st SAT Room Assignments

TSIA March 1st Room Assignments

Exemption Policy

Exam Schedule

KCAL Bus Schedule