finals schedules

Timber Creek High School has released the schedule for the 2015 Spring semester finals.

Due to the KISD graduation date of May 30, all senior exams will be administered during normal class periods May 26, 27 and 28. Teachers may choose to split the exam up over multiple days to allow their students appropriate time to complete the assessment.  Students must be in attendance, even if they are exempt.

Juniors, sophomores, and freshman will have their finals scheduled for June 3-5, 2015. Please see the bell schedules below for more detailed information.june 3 bell schedule june 4 bell schedule june 5 bell schedule

No 9-11th graders are exempt from finals.

Senior Exemption Options

12th Graders:

  • The student’s semester grade average in the class, determined one week prior to the end of the semester, must not be less than 85.
  • The student may have no more than two absences for any reason except for absences due to school-sponsored activities (ACA – Academic Activity, ART – Fine Arts Activity, ATH – Athletic Activity, CTE – Career Tech Activity, Recognized College Visit (RCV), Doctor’s Appointment (DRA), or Religious Holiday (REL)) for the class during the semester.
  • A student who is exempt from an exam may take the exam if he/she wishes.  The score from the exam may be averaged with the marking period grades to determine the final grade only if the test grade improves the student’s grade for the semester.
  • If the student has two approved absences up to the day of the final exam and then misses the exam day then they are no longer exempt from their final exam on that exam day because they now have over two days of absences.
  • Note: Single-semester courses are not eligible for semester exam exemptions.
  • Note: Exemptions will be extended only in on-level courses.