Generic example of a video switcher. Not exactly representative of what we'll be using.
Generic example of a video switcher. Not exactly representative of what we’ll be using.

TCTV and Talon Broadcast Journalists are working together to bring a live video broadcast of the Nov. 20, 2015 varsity basketball game.

The livestream will appear on Timber Creek Talon and be shared with followers on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sources. Exact times for the start of the broadcast are yet to be announced, however a link to the stream will be available in this article and shared when available.

Experienced TCTV videographers and directors will use a livestreaming system provided by Keller ISD to steam a multi-camera live experience from courtside of Timber Creek’s main gym. The system includes the capability to have commentary from Broadcast Journalism students.

Though the system has been used in the past, this is the first of a larger-scale operation that will allow students in the Advanced Video Production (TCTV) and Advanced Broadcast Journalism (Talon Broadcast Reporters) to get real-life experience on a live sporting broadcast. With that in mind, there may be technical glitches, errors, or other hiccups — this is manned by students, after all.

Broadcasts for additional selected basketball games will be announced in the future. The hope is to develop these broadcasting skills and be able to cover selected other events in other sports and activities.