On Jan. 24, students who made every honor roll, had perfect attendance, and had no discipline record got recognized at an award ceremony to celebrate their achievements. Around 70 students attended the event which was held in the Fine Arts Center. Many parents of the students being recognized were also present.

“The ceremony was very nice. It was great to get recognized for my achievements and for being a good student,” said senior, Lea Mardis.

The event lasted through first period and the beginning of second. Students then returned to class after everyone was recognized.

“It was not that hard [for me] to meet the requirements,” Mardis continued. “I just made sure I was keeping up with school and making sure I would end my senior year on a good note.”

The students recognized are listed here:

Adu, Mercy Ibukun
Adusei-Agyemang, Sidney Gieselle
Anderson, Colleen Brigid
Buensalida, Matthew James
Charsley, Carter George
Chaves, David Joseph
Choi, Esther Saemi
Davis, Parker Brian
Dellow, Kaitlyn Stephanie
Dewan, Ayesha Kaushalya
Dewey, Claire Ann
Dixson, Oliver James
Do, Tracey Hoang
Doucet, Jasmine Tierra
Drescher, Katelyn Marie
Dudley, Alyssa Elaine
Dusina, Christian Matthew
Farrar, Evan Douglas
Feemster, Lydia Catherine
Foster, Jason Grant
Gergas, Jacob Allen
Ghabour, Marina Sadek
Hall, Harrison Lee
Hall, Nyah Abril
Heffron, Elizabeth Daisy
Hernandez, Henry Edward Guilford
Hunter, Nathan Ernest
Hyatt, Reese Paul
Jeong, Kevin WooSung
Keath, Jennasea Leclair
Keen, Tyler Landon
Kinua, Jemima Tshiama
Lamsfuss, Meghan Jane Reinke
Lavin, Jaycie Ellen
Le, Nicholas Phuoc
Lewis, Nathaniel Taylor
Lobe, Mary-Alice Ngum
Lucas, Christian Andrew
Mardis, Lea Robin
McCuiston, Isaac Porter
McCusker, Caitlin Ann
McDaniel, Maya Marie
Miller, Nicholas James
Mitchell, Brielle Angelique
Mitchell, Josephine Parker
Mwamba, Mary Lushima
Nguyen, Alice Ngoc Dung
Nguyen, Britney Khoa
Nguyen, Michelle Thi
Niles, Dylan Andrew
Nowell, Annalee Rose
Oliphint, Caroline Elizabeth
Park, Christine Yeo Jin
Pelis, Connor Dylan
Price, Evan James
Quattlebaum, Lauren Elizabeth
Sallis, Keith Ramon
Sauvage-Southgate, Troy Luke
Schlicke, Mia Michelle
Scoggan, Timothy Edward
Seifu, Kalkidan Mekuwanent
Shellhammer, Jacob Lynn
Sherlock, Sydney Elizabeth
Stewart, Maya Nicole
Thaboun, Sumalee Chansy
Thompson, Taylor Nicole
To, Huy Gia
Vasquez, Erwin Nathanael