As the end of the year draws near, its once again time to take care of unfinished business; such as library dues.

All library books are due next Friday, May 11, while fees can be paid up till the last day of school. Cash and/or check are accepted upfront at the library or a student can pay by card at the school store . It’s not unusual for students to be rushing to pay fines at the end of the year.

“It’s always an issue. I wouldn’t say it has gotten any worse, it’s just part of a territory,” librarian, Brandy Abbott explained. “Kids get busy, they have projects and just forget to come by and renew.”

Late fees are $0.10 per day with a three day grace period right after the due date. This allows students who are unable to turn in their book due to travel or illness a chance to still return in their book on time. Many students seem to forget that they can renew books if they need more time, but renewal is available however long the book is needed unless another student has placed it on hold which happens rarely. Book renewal is as easy as one, two, three.

“You don’t even have to have the book,” Abbott said. “Just come in, tell me your ID number, we’ll click renew [and] done.”

Along with books, students can also check out calculators, magazines, ebooks, and audiobooks. Teachers have more equipment available to them. Spheros were introduced earlier in the year but are not available for checkout at this time.

Library books are great resources for project research and checking them out is a responsibility students must take upon themselves. Some books in the library cost over $50 which means not taking care of it can very well be costly. Damaged or lost books must be replaced.

“The cost varies greatly,” warned Abbott. “Much, much more frequently it’s just that [the students] turn them in late.”

If a book is kept past the end of school, Abbott asks that the students stop by anytime during the summer and drop it off at the front desk if someone is there.

“If nothing else, at the very least, please bring it back next year,” she requested. “You won’t be judged.”