Senior basketball players will now get a chance to play one more game on the hardwoods of Timber Creek High School. The “Senior vs. Staff” Basketball Tournament will be held on Wednesday, May 2 at 3 p.m., hosted by the Sky Dancers.

“The goal is to boost student morale and spirit in this last 6 weeks so kids have the opportunity to enjoy the end of the year,” said Sky Dancer Emily Uvaney. “Quite a few people have mentioned how cool it would be to have a Staff vs. Student tournament, so this was the best way to incorporate that.”

Wristbands will be sold the week of the event for five dollars during lunches. Students will miss their fifth period class so that they can attend the event, serving as the first annual Seniors vs. Staff Basketball Tournament. Competing along with their fellow friends and teammates, seniors Jack Damon and Jimmy Mouser look forward to enjoying their last time as high school athletes as they face off against the Timber Creek Staff.

“A game like this for seniors means quite a lot actually because many of us including me aren’t gonna be playing college basketball and it’s like a final send off,” said varsity shooting guard Mouser. “I expect the players to get the dub, we’ve got the athleticism and experience and the age advantage. [It’s] a fun way to let the senior players have one more little game In our gym playing against the staff that we know and love.”

Likewise, varsity’s backup shooting guard Damon plans to dominate the court with his fellow teammates. Knowing it’s just an expedition game, Damon will play lights out with the motto Forever Timber Creek motivating him throughout the game.

“The exhibition game means one more chance to play at Timber Creek, and [will] wrap up a memorable part of our childhood” said Damon “It’s [farewell] to high school, and hello to college.”

Below is a complete list of all seniors and staff who will be playing.


Principal Donnie Bartlett

Assistant Principal Shawn Elliott

Coach Jeff Hudak

Soccer Head Coach John Besancon

Coach Mark Massad

Coach Bradley Stowe

Jake Maddox

Derek Watson

Coach Tina Demichele

Lisa Bradley

Keely Johnston

Coach Leigh Lay


Sydney Nunley

Jack Damon

Jimmy Mouser

David Valmore

Nabil Rurangirwa

Alec Tribble

Cameron Lowe

Stephen Barger

Lauryn Freeman

Brooke Lay

Kristen Gould

Adrian Ranete