Sky Dancers have been around for about as long as the school has existed. And now, a new generation is coming in to bear the flag and don the uniform.

Lindsey Harris directed the Sky Dancers for the first time this year, and has been the director of the Violet Belles for the past three years.

“I hope that all our incoming Sky Dancers work hard, and perform well,” said Harris. “Discipline plays a big part in being a Sky Dancer.”

There is an addition of 20 new members in the incoming year, ranging from all classes. When they tried out, there were not any specific requirements for making the team. Therefore, applicants had to really show that they were the best for the job.

“You have to know what you’re doing,” said Kristen Drumm, Captain of the Dancers. “Just go in knowing the dances isn’t enough. You have to be comfortable with the way you perform them.”

Seniors that will be leaving the team this year had the opportunity to meet with the new members on Thursday, April 26.

“We don’t want to see us in them,” said Head Spirit leader Kate Van Leeuwen. “We want new talent, and good work ethic. The dances are pretty tough to learn when you’re first starting, but stay strong.”

Being a Sky Dancer requires hard work and the need to pay attention. Determination and cooperation is very important when being a part of a new team and learning the many new dances.

“New members need to watch and listen. They’re new, so they aren’t going to get everything on the first try,” said Van Leeuwen. “They need to soak it all up like a sponge.”

New members aren’t just going subjected to an “all work no play” routine, however, junior Emily Burkamp said the new members will have a lot of fun to look forward to.

“The title and the respect that come with being a Sky Dancer are a big part,” Burkamp said. “Then there’s all our traditions, new friendships, and the family environment. Football games and pep-rallies are always fun.”

It takes commitment, and a lot of positivity to be a Sky Dancer. Along with learning new things, members grow closer as a family throughout the years.

“You’ve gotta be open minded,” said Drumm. “Trying out when I was new, I had to make sharp turns, and needed the overall ability that I have now. I had to work my way up; I needed the experience, to gain this position.”

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