Student Council Applications for freshmen and students who are new to Timber Creek will be available on Friday, Aug. 24 in front of room N229. Applications are due Aug. 31st by 4:00 p.m.

If students have any questions concerning the application, talk to the Student Council Advisor, Stacey Cleveland, in room N229 or email her at


The Student Body Vice President and junior, Grayson Thanisch, has been involved in Student Council since middle school, and continued his freshman year of high school. His motives for joining Student Council were personal, not just academic.

“[I joined because] I wanted to become more involved in school life as well as give myself an opportunity to grow,” Thanisch disclosed. “Of course there was also the fact that it looks good on college applications, which would hopefully open doors for me after high school.”

In the several years Thanisch has been involved in Student Council, Thanisch said that he has learned many life lessons that he never thought that he would’ve otherwise; like the ability to network and create meaningful connections with people he meets along the way.

“Of course there’s a variety of other things such as organizational and planning skills, the ability to communicate effectively within a group, as well as the purpose and role of a leader,” Thanish said.

Junior, Neha Kafley also joined Student Council to learn about leadership and be involved in school.

“I’ve learned so much from joining Student Council, but most importantly I never thought I’d be able to get out [of] my circle of friends until I joined Student Council and made new friends and [was] open to new friendships.”

In addition to making new friends, Kafley’s favorite thing about being a part of Student Council is being more involved in school and being able to branch out and make new experiences with new people.

“Student Council will be a really good asset in the future,” Kafley said. “Especially when meeting new people in college and getting accepted to a college, because [Student Council] shows how good of a leader you are and how you interact with groups of people.”

10 Reasons to join Student Council:

  1. Students will learn how to work with many different people.
  2. Students build leadership skills.
  3. Students make new close friends.
  4. Students will be more involved and help the Timber Creek improve school spirit.
  5. Students get to do fun projects and go on trips.
  6. Students will experience opportunities that will affect them in the future.
  7. Students will learn more about yourself.
  8. Students will learn to be a leader.
  9. It will help students with a job in the future.
  10. Students will be able to give back to their school and community.