The upcoming tennis season will be sure to cause a racket as the Timber Creek Tennis Team looks to take on tougher competition and new challenges. Re-Aligning the Keller ISD District for the 2018-2019 school year, UIL  placed Timber Creek in District 5-6A, previously zoned in District 3-6A, placing Denton Guyer, Byron Nelson, and Southlake Carroll a part of the new competition these tennis athletes will have to face this year.

“We’re all very, very even and so all those matches are going to be extremely important,” Coach Roger Thomas said. “It’s definitely a lot tougher than what we’ve had the past couple of years. I’m excited about that because I think that our kids will rise to that level of competition.”

Knowing the difficulties that lay in the season ahead, several players have already set goals to further improve their skills, with every tweak of a technique helping to better their chances of winning and making playoffs.

“This season I wish to carefully craft a stronger volley by using my feet more while doing so, rather than using my arms to swing the racket,” said junior, Josie Mitchell. “Being able to volley with better footwork means I can have better accuracy and precision in my shots. The opponent will have a lot less of a chance to return my shots as well because I will have more time to think of my shot selection.”

Likewise, sophomore, Raegan Pence, has her eyes set on the elite 100’s club, hoping to have win 100 varsity matches. With 50 wins already, Pence hopes to be at 75 by the end of the year.  

“My goal this upcoming season would be to put forth all my effort into each and every match,” Pence said.

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