Starting the week of Aug. 20 and continuing weekly throughout the school year, foods ranging from sweet to savory will be available for purchase at the concession stand outside the Fine Arts Center during all lunches. The schedule of what will be sold which day is as follows:

Monday: Woolley’s Frozen Custard will be sold, starting at $2.50 with flavor choices of chocolate and vanilla served in a cup, cake cone, or waffle cone. Patrons may pay with cash or card.

Tuesday: Chick-fil-a and Falcon Theatre want students to “EAT MOR CHIKIN,” and buy Chick-fil-a sliders. One slider may be purchased at a price of $3, or two sliders for $5. These prices include condiments such as Chick-fil-a Sauce, ranch, and pickles. Patrons may pay with cash or card.

Wednesday: Popcorn isn’t just made for eating at the movie theaters anymore; the Parent Teacher Student Association will sell bags of popcorn to students for $1 each and faculty members for $0.50. Salt, along with various cheese and spice powders, will be offered to consumers to best accommodate their taste buds. Patrons may pay with cash.

Thursday: Students can stay cool by purchasing Bahama Buck’s shaved ice creations starting at $4.50. Flavors, like birthday cake, are offered with or without ice cream, and served with a spoon that changes color based on temperature. Patrons may pay with cash or card.

Friday: The freshly baked and famous Choir Cookies, that benefit the choir department are back. For $1, an assortment of flavors including the famous chocolate chip or sugar cookie, will be offered. Patrons may pay with cash.