Sophomore Brooke Ricketts and her dance studio were given the incredible opportunity to have a series, ”Dancing Queen,” on Netflix that premiered on Friday, Oct. 19. Beyond Belief Dance Company is under the direction of Justin Johnson, also referred to as drag queen Alyssa Edwards, who was approached to create a series for the dance company.

They approached Beyond Belief Dance Company because of my teacher and Justin Johnson also known as Alyssa Edwards,” said Ricketts, “…throughout time we’ve always been presented with opportunities, filming and auditioning for things like America’s Got Talent and stuff like that.”

Ricketts and her fellow members have been given a number of opportunities, and were ecstatic when Johnson revealed that the dance company would be featured in a Netflix series.

“We’d been expecting it for a long time for years and years and then it finally just happened,” she said.

Tryouts for the team came around to be in the show and participate. After making the elite team, members would be able to be in the series and attend competitions.

“At the studio there was an audition process….we had to audition to be on the [elite] team, and throughout the series, the elite travel team is featured,” Ricketts said. “I auditioned for and made with nine girls and one boy.”

Throughout all of this, their teacher, Justin Johnson, used his success in order to bring new opportunities for his team so they can grow as he did. Johnson rose to fame with his appearance on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” as drag queen Alyssa Edwards. When Johnson isn’t performing as a queen, he’s teaching students how to compete on stage and get them ready for their future performances. Getting them ready in his hometown, Mesquite, Texas, he trains them intensely for them to carry on with a successful career. Working with Johnson for years, Ricketts has learned valuable skills, many of which has helped her succeed in the production of this show.

“We put in so much work and I’m so excited to see the final product,” said Ricketts. “It finally just happened and it was just kinda crazy and it went by really fast.” 

The show was filmed at the dance studio, located in Mesquite, Texas. It follows not only Johnson’s journey, but also his role in the creation of the Beyond Belief Dance Company that has taught young dancers for years.

Thanking Justin for everything, she puts her all into a performance and is always grateful for the chances he’s given her and the team as well as giving them a stable platform for them to grow on.

“Being on the show is so surreal to me,” said Ricketts. She explained that she’s always wanted this, dreamed of it as well and knew she was going to do something great on a show. “Ever since I was a little girl, I didn’t know how but I knew that I wanted to like be somebody.”