Timber Creeks 2022 homecoming court was decided this past Thursday, October 20th. On October 7th nominations for homecoming court opened and the Timber Creek student body nominated who they wanted to see on court. During the pep-rally freshmen, sophomore, junior, and staff members winners were announced.

Freshmen Marchioness: Callie Dix with 255 votes

Freshmen Marquis: Andrew Quintana with 301 votes

Sophomore Duchess: Hannah Bower with 305 votes

Sophomore Duke: Colton Thorpe with 362 votes

Junior Princess: Lena Rock with 265 votes

Junior Prince: Jacob Power with 390 votes

Staff Empress: Mrs. Little with 422 votes

Staff Emperor: Mr. Elliot with 372 votes

Thursday night before the football game homecoming King and Queen were announced on the football field.

Senior Queen: Mikayla Watson with 303 votes

Senior King: Leighton Jones with 537 votes