Over the weekend a new Timber Creek Swim Record was set by Seanna Muhitch.

Muhitch broke the previous record for the 200 freestyle at the Lonestar TISCA Invitational on November 19th.

“Well I’m really excited for the rest of the season after that record for sure! I ended up breaking my own record. My goal is definitely to take down the entire record board by my senior year, right now I have 7 records. I’m a second away from the boys record in the 500 free and I would like to beat that record as well- I think it would be super cool for a girls record to be faster than a guys.”Says Muhitch

“It’s amazing being part of the team and I definitely have great friends who have been there for me throughout my entire time on the team. I’m really blessed in terms of the support that I have received from everyone since freshman year. I am so ready for state, and I am hoping to become District champion again this year which would put 3 under my belt. High school swim has been a really fun experience- but I haven’t gotten where I am without hard work. It’s been a crazy journey. I have double practices for 2 hours before and after school every day, plus dryland. It’s been a lot but I am grateful to have this experience and finish my high school career off strong!”