In the days before Thanksgiving break, Timber Creek’s Texas Association of Future Educators (TAFE) competed at region and made state. Both JV and varsity teams had members become qualifiers.

Twenty members qualified for the ELF test; Zyla Stack, Alice Davis, Lauren Parrish, Hannah Trujillo, Clare Mixon, Madison Cauffiel, Ainsley Stanford, Kaitlyn Friedman, Jess Dryden, Bella Hason, Emma Bennett, Ireland Gomez, Jenna Knowles, Madelyn Quintana, Amelia Martinez, Lainey Gerard, Zanna Clegg, Kelly Dossey, Evelyn Solis, and Madeline Bass.

For JV events there were many qualifiers.

“For Teacher Created Materials” – Elementary pairs Zyla Stack and Tatum Malloy, and Reagan Welch and Alice Davis advanced.

“Teacher Created Materials” – Middle/High School pair Corinne Olson and Sydney Powell.

“Children’s Literature Pre-K Competition” had Jillian Hall, Madelyn Lewis, Clare Mixon and Kaitlyn Friedman.

“Children’s Literature K-3 Competition” had Zyla Stack and Tatum Malloy advance.

“Inside Our School Competition” advanced Ava Miller and Madison Hoyer. Kayla Puckett advanced for “Public Speaking” and Hannah Trujillo advanced for “Creative Lecture”.

“Researching Learning Challenges” had Sarah Burns and Petra Bocek.

“Interactive Bulletin Board Elementary” had pairs Jillian Hall and Madelyn Lewis and Zyla Stack and Tatum Malloy advance.

And lastly for JV was “Interactive Bulletin Board” Middle/High and Kaitlyn Friedman and Clare Mixon advanced.

For varsity events there were once again many qualifiers.

For “Creative Lecture” Kelly Dossey advanced.

“Interactive Bulletin Board Elementary” had Lainey Grad and Kennedy Munden.

“Project Visualize” – TRAFLE had four pairs advance, Jenna Knowles and Emma Bennett, Petra Bocek and Sarah Burns, Jenna Knowles and Evelyn Solis, and Sara Warren and Ireland Gomez.

“Teacher Created Materials” – Elementary saw Halle Wright and Madelyn Quintana.

“Public Speaking” saw Madison Cauffiel.

“Teacher Created Materials” – Middle/High had Zanna Clegg and Bella Hasan.

“Impromptu Lesson” had advancer Halle Wright.
“Interactive Bulletin Board” – Middle/High had Ireland Gomez and Sara Warren.

“Chapter Yearbook” had four advancers, Sara Warren, Ireland Gomez, Ava Miller, and Yuna Estrada.

“Exploring Admin Careers” had Lainey Gerard advance.

“Exploring Non Core Teaching Careers” had Madelyn Quintana advance.

“Exploring Support Service Careers” had Amelia Martinez advance.

Lastly “Job Interview” had Halle Wright and Madeline Bass advance.