Junior year is  difficult — stress is getting piled on just like the homework for regular and AP classes.

Junior year is the grade everybody has to get down to business, but that’s not always so easy. Most juniors are in extra curricular activities and those don’t make it any easier. Being in extra curricular activities and AP classes at the same time can be extremely stressful, as students learn to organize and balance each of them.

Lexie Clemmons, a junior at TCHS, is in AP English and color guard. She feels that junior year has put more pressure on her to do better for colleges.

“Junior year is so much different then I expected,” Clemmons said. “It’s so stressful and I really don’t like all of the homework.”

Another junior, Stephanie Castillo, is in AP English and AP United States History (aka APUSH). She states that the work isn’t all that hard it’s just very time consuming.

“There’s a lot of reading and taking notes,” Castillo said. “In English we don’t really get assigned homework, but we mainly do annotations in our books which is very time consuming.”

Many students agree that the key is to learn how to balance your classes and activities before you get into a position to where you can’t.